JD on the Box II

Saturday, October 04, 2003
Only a single 90+ minute set, due to baseball playoffs. Cold and dark today, but lots of people smiling at the music.

Started off with Tenebra Infinita again... it's a nice tune there. Next was Reine du Musette, although I forget the trio changes on the 12-row again. Jeannette had a nice little pop in it. Apanhei-Te Cavaquinho, Pineapple Rag, Miss the Mississippi and You, Detour (for Wesley Tuttle), Lost Highway, Swipesy Cakewalk, Caravane Rabouine, Koal, King of the Road, Waltz Chinois, three sections of Miss Monaghan (shaky, though), Rights Of Man & Golden Eagle Hornpipes, Maiden's Prayer, Bohemienne Waltz, Minute Waltz (nice), Estudiantina. Tried to sound out a Gershwin tune that Hal does, I forget the name (and the bridge), something like "I know... that you know... that he knows... that she knows", gotta look it up. Did "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive" for the first time publicly and it worked well. Panama had a nice crisp, different rhythm towards the end of the set. Finished with Take Me Out To The Ballgame, with full reeds in 3/4... let's hope the Giants keep playing.

Reading has been a Nat Cole biography. Listening has been Matteo and Nat, with a lot of everything too. Catching the PBS blues series, mixed bag, but fun.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Been feeling in a bit of a rut lately... realized there's no sense of surprise in what or how or where I'm playing. Still working, usually three sessions a day, but don't feel like I'm learning new pieces.

New tunes under practice include Humoreske (getting to the point where *I'm* playing the *tune*, rather than someone running through the well-known notes). Have Frieze Britches... pretty much learned the third section of Miss Monaghan's Reel. Been working a lot on Reine du Musette and Bourrasque. I've got Descendo a Serra memorized, but keep forgetting to play Luiz Americano P.R.E #3. Been playing a lot of straight swing, good amount of blues too. Not much vocals, save for when I'm doing a swing tune. Have worked through the full piano score of Strauss's Kaiser Waltz a few times, but am not sure if/when I'll lock it. Rags are in maintainence mode.

At market last week I introduced Matteo's Tenebra Infinite, although I'm still not sure of the running order of the sections (need to map it out). Have played a few times along with his tape. Last week I was listening to him a lot. This week I'm reading about Nat Cole and listening to him heavily (his first transcriptions sounded more like Cats & Fiddle!). Also listened heavy to Forro (Maids & Taxi Drivers) earlier today. Am also spending time watching DVDs of old clips of musicians... Nat Cole, Basie, Merle Travis... have Louis Armstrong, Reinhardt/Grappelli, Chris Strachwitz's stuff in the queue.

After market last week I walked to Caffe Trieste, but there was no action. I'm increasingly feeling the need to find a cafe or restaurant at which to play background music... not sure yet how I'll approach that.

Baseball playoffs are on, and we're still post-launch at the shop, so concentration is fragmented. Still looking at Craig's List each day but am not seeing much of interest. My tack is to work through this phase, keep plugging. The sound is still improving, but the thrill (and surprise) isn't there right now.